S2:E1 – Kenzie Todd


Today’s guest is Kenzie Todd, the owner and founder of Full Ride Cycling.  A Canadian native, Kenzie is a former competitive downhill skier who found cycling by way of her cross training.  She later made her way to Nashville after working in the Southern California’s music industry.  With a dream of creating her own studio, Kenzie left the corporate world to launch Full Ride Cycling in 2018.  Kenzie is a truly sweet and engaging person and it was a pleasure to hear her inspiring story.  

In our discussion, we cover topics such as: Pushing through fear, building a culture, the importance of the right team, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, adapting to change, and much more.   

Please check out Full Ride at: http://www.fullridecycling.com

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As always, thank you so much for listening! 

Annie & Zac

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